Heldáy Benjamín de la Cruz



homebase is pleased to present our upcoming exhibition with Portland-based artist, Heldáy Benjamín de la Cruz. The first of our fall programming for 2019, NI DE AQUÍ, NI DE ALLÁ will transform homebase with an exterior mural and a series of illustrations inside the gallery space. The title, taken from Spanish, de la Cruz’s native tongue, translates to “neither from here, nor from there.” This phrase speaks to the artist’s complicated and oftentimes intense ties to his own heritage and culture, and what it means for him to have been raised apart from the earth that shaped his ancestry. 

The mural and small illustrations on view expound on themes of home, environment and the artist’s bicultural identity, with imagery stretching from El Volcán de Colima in México to Wy’east in the Pacific Northwest. The works are subtle, recalling topographical maps that outline boundaries that are, at varying times for the artist, imagined, felt or physically crossed. These pieces have a desire to rectify the physical and emotional distances between home and homeland, between past and present, and between heart and mind. 

Heldáy de la Cruz (b. 1991 in México) is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. His Mexican and queer identities, alongside his undocumented status are at the very core of his work. His artwork, writing, and stories have been published in Milk X Magazine (Hong Kong), The Huffington Post, AIGA Portland, She Shreds Magazine, Ecotrust, Street Roots, East Oregonian, The Oregonian, Brand New Podcast, Social Justice League Podcast, CultureStrike, and The Define American Film Festival. He also co-leads an activist group called Power to the Dreamers, which puts on events that highlight the undocumented narrative through art. 

Join us to celebrate the opening of this exhibition on September 14th from 4-8pm. We will have music, snacks, and refreshments; the event will be hosted in the backyard space of the gallery.